Le Jardin at Hammock Dunes Condo Association


Reserving the Amenities

Reserving the amenities is a simple, first come first serve process. To reserve the theater, simply write the time and unit number on the appropriate date on the calendar located on the door of the theater. If you wish to reserve for more than a month in advance please see the manager.

To reserve the social room, wine tasting area or board room, please see the manager to fill out reservation form. A 75.00 deposit will be due upon reservation. 

The outdoor spa is typically kept at about 101 degrees when the ambient temperature allows. Please bring your own towels!

The indoor swim spa is typically kept at a comfortable 85 degrees. This is not to be confused with a hot tub and is kept at a temperature safe for exercising in the water. The hours of use are from 9 am -9 pm.

The  sauna and steam rooms are ready for use with about a 10 minute warm up time. 

Towels are only provided for your use after working out and should not leave the fitness center. The laundry basket is located next to the fitness restrooms.

Cable is provided in the fitness center but head phones are not.


    Suggestions for Closing your Residence

    If you are traveling for extended periods of time (over a week), we recommend that you prepare your condo in the following fashion.

    1) Clean all appliance surfaces with warm soapy water.      Dry and unplug.

    2) Store all sugar, flour, pasta and dry foods in the  refrigerator.

    3) Make sure to clean around the door gasket on the dishwasher to remove any food particles that may cause mold. Leave the door unlatched to release pressure on the gasket.

    4) Pour 1/8 cup of lemon or lime juice down the garbage disposal, followed by 1/4 corn oil and turn the disposal on for a few seconds, then add an additional cup of corn oil.

    5) Turn off your water supply! Close the valve located in your water heater closet. Place the circuit breaker For the water heater in the OFF position. Turn of the circulating pump as well (that is the light switch located inside your water heater closet!)  Please verify that the AC breaker is still on!!

    6) unplug all electronic equipment and computers! This will protect the equipment from power surges as well as reducing the risk of fire.

    7) Make sure that your air conditioner is set at 76-78 degrees and on cool and auto!  This will dehumidify your unit.

    8) Turn indoor ceiling fans on low.

    9) Add Clorox to toilet bowls and cover with Saran Wrap. (This works well and keeps the water form evaporating and drying out traps!)

    10) Remove all furniture ,plants and accessories from balconies and lock all sliders. (We never know when we may get a visit from a Tropical Storm or Hurricane !)

    11. Please shut the inline gas valve on the fireplace to the off position.

    12Remember to forward your mail and stop news paper delivery.

    13. Please let Management know when you are leaving and an approximate return date. If you are having guests in your absence, please notify management prior to their arrival.

    For Prospective Buyers:

    Pet Restrictions for Le Jardin

    Rules and Regulations (as recorded)


     This page is designed for the owners at Le Jardin to be able to receive pertinent information at a glance!  Here you will find every day maintenance information and other important items that may add in the enjoyment of a worry free life style!

    Reset for Water Heater:

    Living in Florida, we experience "brownouts" from time to time. In some instances they upset the electronics in the condos. If you should come home and hear a random beep coming from your laundry area, chances are good that a power blip shut off the sensor on your water heater!  Never fear, this is a simple process that will get you back in business in minutes!

    1) Locate the sensor in the water heater pan at the floor level. Make sure it is dry. Otherwise dry if off and put it off to the side. (there may be a little but of water in the pan. that is okay-unless it is full! If that is the case a plumber must be contacted!) 

    2) Locate the box on top with red light on (this is the auto shut off).

    3) Use a coin or large screw driver to turn the slot on the box. you will be turning it from "off" to "on". (This should allow the heater to reset. The light should go from red to green and water should start working again.


    At Le Jardin, we would like our Guests to feel like family, so we have created a Guest Guide, that will give them the building basics and allow them to move around comfortably! 


    Le Jardin Social Room Reservation Form

    Le Jardin Wine Room Reservation Form

    Le Jardin Theater Reservation Form 

    Instructions for use of Social and Board Rooms

    Move in Move Out Form

    Rules for Move In and Move out

    Construction/Deliveries/Decorators Rules:

    In order to keep Le Jardin well maintained, we have developed Construction Rules  to allow Contractors, Decorators, Repair Technicians and Deliveries to flow seamlessly into the every day lives of our residence and not interrupt their life style. Our rules are strictly enforced and we require all residence meet with Management and Maintenance to go over the rules, prior to starting any renovations or build outs. Hours for working on property or deliveries are Mon- Fri from 7:30-4 pm. Contractors must be offsite before Management leaves at 4:30.

    Please note that construction is not permitted on weekends, holidays or during the time that Management has off for vacation.

    Elevator Dimensions:

    The service elevator is to be used any time there is furniture, carts tools or pets being transported.

    The service elevator dimensions are 65 w x 78 inches and the height is about 8 1/2 feet to ceiling.

    In the event of a medical emergency, the Service elevator will fit a gurney in a flat position and does not require a code to get to the back of the residence.

    Locked out??

    If you are locked out, and it is after hours, Management will come out at a rate of $75.00 to unlock your unit, or you may call A&A Lock. Charges will apply.


    Recycling gets picked up every Tuesday. We have two bins located at the bottom of Stairwell 1 and 3.

    All glass and plastic bottles can be recycled. News papers, magazines and office paper can be recycled as well. Cardboard must have the recycle logo on it (it can only be reused a certain amount of time otherwise there isn't enough pulp in in to make it recyclable. Aluminum cans can be recycled as well.  Please do not mix trash in with recycling otherwise the whole bin gets thrown into the trash.

    If you need assistance taking your recycling down to the garage, please notify management and we will take it down.

    Trash Chutes:

    Trash is picked up every Monday and Thursday between 8-2. During that time a red light will go on above your trash chute, to remind you that the dumpsters are out at the curb and that the trash should not be dumped. Should you need to leave your trash (going out of town) please notify management and we will throw it away when chute reopens or assist in getting to the dumpster.

    Please use the following instructions when throwing away trash.

    1) all trash should be bagged and bags should be tied.

    2) No multiple glass bottles in a bag. These will shatter    on impact.

    3) no whole melons should be thrown in chute unless

        double bagged.

    4) no packing materials, pillows or large items that can potentially jam the chute should be thrown down the chute. Please contact management and we will assist or instruct or removal of moving debris

    5) No construction debris what so ever should be thrown into chute. This will result in costly repairs. Debris is the contractors responsibility and they will have instructions on proper removal of materials.

    Smoke Detectors!!!!

    The Batteries inside your smoke detectors should be changed at least once a year, even if they don't start to chip. If left unattended, the smoke detectors will remind you of their existence at the most inopportune time (3 am). Please make arrangements with Maintenance to have the batteries changed, and the chambers cleaned, if you don't want to do it yourself! Charges will apply.

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