Le Jardin at Hammock Dunes Condo Association

Emergency Planning!! 



1. Call 911

2. Leave your unit and close your door.

3. Activate the fire pull station on your floor; the Building fire alarm will sound.


5. Proceed in a calm orderly fashion down the stairwell in your back hallway.

6. Vacate the building through the stairwell on the lobby or garage floor.

7. If you are in your unit and you hear the fire alarm sound. Leave your unit and close the door.
Proceed in a calm orderly fashion down the stairwell in your back hallway. Vacate the building through the stairwell on the lobby or garage floor.


1. Call 911

2. If possible call the manager at 447-6182, so that we may assist in anyway possible and to
prepare for emergency access to the unit for EMS.

3. An AED (Difibulator) is available in the fitness center for emergency.  It is recommended that only a Certified staff member should use if necessary.


This contains important information for your safety in case of hurricanes. There are some great websites available to help in Hurricane preparation as well. One of the most important things to remember is to make a plan and stick with it. Don't allow yourself to get caught off guard by waiting until the last minute.  Having a plan and implementing it immediately will aid in your safety.

Tropical Storm Watch:  issued when tropical storm conditions may pose a threat within 36

Tropical Storm Warning:  issued when tropical storm conditions are expected within 24

Hurricane Watch:  issued up to 36 hours in advance of landfall and indicates that everyone
in the area should be ready to take protective measures if a Hurricane Warning is issued.

Hurricane Warning:  is issued when hurricane conditions are expected in the area in 24
hours or less. A Mandatory Evacuation "could" take place at this time. Precautions should be
taken immediately.  If a hurricane's path is erratic,  there may be only a few hours before the
onset of hurricane conditions.  You must have a plan & be prepared by this time.

Mandatory Evacuation:  is given 24-36 hrs from landfall.  Storms can change dramatically &
quickly depending on conditions and this will dictate timing of an Evacuation Order.  

Although Le Jardin is well built, we have to consider the fall out from storms when determining if evacuating or staying is your best option. Property damage is something that we can live through while hurricanes often are  life-threatening storms that spawn tornadoes and flooding.

To assist in your decision please consider the following while assessing the situation.

A.  Mandatory Evacuation means emergency vehicles may not be able to get through after a
storm.  (no medical, police, fire trucks etc.)

B.  Emergency vehicles will not respond during a storm.

C.  Bridges and roads to our area would be closed until lost utilities are restored.   

D.  If power is lost, a high rise would be very uncomfortable to live in.  The lack of water in the building, heat, mosquito , no communication, etc. could potentially cause major problems. It could  take time  for utilities to be restored.

When a Mandatory Evacuation has been issued, for your safety and well-being, we strongly urge
evacuation compliance.  If you choose to stay, you will be on your own. 

We recommend that Medically impaired owners consider evacuating during a Hurricane Watch, since they have medical needs that  have to be addressed. 

If a Hurricane Warning is issued we   will be working making the building as safe as possible.  This includes preparing the grounds,, sand bagging all exterior building doors,  removing pool furniture etc. to  minimize damage. Please realize that the staff will be unable to assist in removal of furniture on condo patios or personal requests.

If a  hurricane were to strike, the following would occur.

1) power turned off while the
storm is in progress .

A.  Elevators will be locked on an elevated floor & will not be available.  
B.  Water will be turned off.  
C.  Cooling Towers will be off, which means your air conditioning will be off during the storm.  
D.  Power:  The City may turn the power off before a storm hits.  If no major damage occurs   to the power lines, power will be reinstated. The emergency generator will
power some lights, doors, gates, security, water & elevators. Owners will have no power to their
units and no AC.  If we lose generator power, then our fire protection, water and elevator systems
will be rendered useless.     

After a hurricane passes, the following will occur:

A.  Elevator (s) will be turned back on
B.  Water pump will be turned back on

D.  Damage Assessment:  includes immediate response for water intrusions.
E.  Vendor Contact: scheduling  repairs for serious building damage.
F.  Owner Follow Up: giving update of storms aftermath.    

Owners with medical problems may want to consider Special Needs Shelters. 

Contacting Management or Maintenance:

Our Management and Maintenance staff works Monday through Friday from 7:30-4:30 and the office is closed daily from 12-1:30. In the event of an after hours emergency please contact the appropriate authorities first and then management. Management should be contacted any time there is an event that effects the common areas, or multiple units. An after hours emergency is defined as a Fire, water intrusion, building wide plumbing issue, sprinkler leak, etc. 

Office numbers are 386-447-6182 and fax 386-447-6189

Manager can be reached for emergencies at

386-283-7978 and

Maintenance at 386-527-0756